Eating Like You Give a Damn

13: Benevolent Pirate Answers Your Burning Questions About Seafood | Captain Paul Watson

September 09, 2019 Stephanie Harter Episode 13
Eating Like You Give a Damn
13: Benevolent Pirate Answers Your Burning Questions About Seafood | Captain Paul Watson
Show Notes

Do I have an episode for you to sink your teeth into! My guest is both loved and feared by many all over the world for his 40 plus years of marine animal and ocean conservation activism.

Captain Paul Watson, esteemed Founder and President of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has starred in seven seasons of Animal Planet’s television series Whale Wars, and he has received many awards and commendations over the years for his conservation and animal rights activism - including from the Dalai Lama. 

Sea Shepherd, which Captain Paul founded in 1977, does so much in service of our seas, such as removing killer nets, conducting vital marine research, cleaning beaches, patrolling waters, as well as taking aggressive nonviolent action against anyone threatening the fragile balance of our ocean’s ecosystems.

Hundreds of thousands of marine animals – some of them already endangered – are targeted and trapped by poachers each year. The sustainability of the planet is at risk, too. With so much at stake, Sea Shepherd is unrelenting in protecting the seas and stopping those who destroy habitats and marine life.

In this interview with Captain Paul, we talk about:

  • Why he decided to part ways with Greenpeace (which he co-founded) and set up an interventionist organization to go after poachers in our oceans
  • How he landed the show Whale Wars on cable television, which ran from 2008-2015 - and you’ll be amazed to hear the incredible and historic victory for whales as a result of that
  • The truth about sustainably sourced, wild-caught, dolphin safe fish, and whether or not farmed fish is a better alternative
  • And we also get to hear about the politics of species extinction, the media's response to Paul’s aggressive tactics as an activist, and his firsthand experience seeing the demand for vegan food around the world today.

And, if you get jazzed and want to join the Sea Shepherd movement and support this heroic cause, he gives us a glimpse into volunteer life, too!





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