Eating Like You Give a Damn

12: Speaking Tips for Epic Vegan Outreach | Carol Cox

September 02, 2019 Stephanie Harter Episode 12
Eating Like You Give a Damn
12: Speaking Tips for Epic Vegan Outreach | Carol Cox
Show Notes

If you struggle with communicating your vegan values and feel like it’s a source of contention among your family and peers, 

OR perhaps you’ve started thinking about taking your message of living compassionately to a larger audience, whether you would like to expand your outreach in your local area, or on big stages around the world...

then wait till you get a load of this episode! 

because my guest, and friend, Carol Cox, is dishing up some amazing insights about how we can be effective communicators to a mainstream audience...whether that audience is in our homes, or everywhere else.

Carol Cox is the founder of Speaking Your Brand, which helps high-performing, purpose-driven women entrepreneurs and professionals create their signature talks (such as a keynote, TEDx, or business presentation) and this is to grow their business and become recognized as influencers in their fields.

Carol is the host of the Speaking Your Brand podcast and a sought-after speaker and trainer on public speaking, business storytelling, and women’s leadership. And during election seasons, she serves as a political analyst on TV news.

During this fun interview, we talk about:

  • How political debates are more productive than debating the subject of eating animals, and how to have more constructive conversations on the topic.
  • Why stories are so important to share in our discussions about eating plant-based and how to determine if what you want to share will be well-received by your listener
  • How Carol works with her clients to develop their signature talk to be given on big platforms, and she tells us about her vegan clients who have needed to navigate the challenges of talking about their vegan brand to a mainstream audience.

She even has an EPIC free guide that will help you to engage your audience and move them into action while making what you have to share inspired and memorable (see link below).

And, Carol also has an amazing group coaching opportunity open for enrollment if you’re already a speaker and you’re looking to position yourself as a premium speaker to go after bigger stages (see link below).


FREE Guide:

Group Coaching for Speakers:



Thanks for listening!

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