Eating Like You Give a Damn

06: Smashing Vegan Stereotypes with a 3X Pro Bodybuilder | Korin Sutton

July 22, 2019 Stephanie Harter Episode 6
Eating Like You Give a Damn
06: Smashing Vegan Stereotypes with a 3X Pro Bodybuilder | Korin Sutton
Show Notes

Have you ever wondered what vegan bodybuilders eat? Or why a tough-looking dude from the Bronx would become vegan in the first place? 

That’s just a taste of what you’ll get from Korin Sutton, who is a 3X Pro Bodybuilder and Certified Master Trainer. 

Korin is the founder of Body HD Fitness and specializes in fat loss, holistic nutrition, bodybuilding, strength, and conditioning.

Not only does he dish on the nutritional difference between what mainstream bodybuilders eat for competitions vs. bodybuilders who live a vegan lifestyle... 

but he also gives us a personal look into his journey to becoming vegan, which started with an empathetic connection he made from his time in the military serving our country overseas at war.

In this interview, we also talk about:

  • Korin's unique insight into vegan activism through leading by example.
  • what all he eats to keep his six-pack abs and get those massive gains - it's not as restrictive as you think. Plus, he tells us how anyone could do it.
  • He even shines some clarity on your burning questions about carbs as it relates to fat loss, so you get his expert advice on that too!

Korin also tells us about the second annual all-vegan bodybuilding show coming up in November 2019 in Miami where he's the head judge, so be sure to listen to the end for that.

Korin's Website:

Recording of the Gary Yourofsky speech that influenced Korin to look at his food differently:

Keep an eye out for updates about the 2nd Annual Vegan Bodybuilding Show on Nov. 9, 2019, during this event:

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