Eating Like You Give a Damn

05: Lead the Plant-Based Lifestyle Like a Pro | Ronnie Tsunami

July 15, 2019 Stephanie Harter Episode 5
Eating Like You Give a Damn
05: Lead the Plant-Based Lifestyle Like a Pro | Ronnie Tsunami
Show Notes

If you’ve ever wondered how to be more effective at reaching people with your message of healthy plant-based eating, then wait till you get a taste of this.

Today's guest is Ronnie Tsunami - a speaker, business coach, and expert in accelerating the growth of the plant-based movement from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Ronnie shares his story of rapidly declining health to becoming completely bedridden. He Finally saw hope for the first time when he watched the film Forks Over Knives, which documents people with chronic conditions as they succeed at reducing their dependence on medications through a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle.

You will hear how after regaining his health in just 6-weeks since going plant-based, Ronnie found himself on the same stage with the doctor who was featured in that film and who led the largest study on nutrition ever conducted (Dr. T. Colin Campbell). 

And wait till you hear about the biggest thing that pissed Ronnie off after returning to his own medical doctor after he got better. What the doctor said to him will shock you!

Today, Ronnie is the co-founder of the Plant-Based Society.

We also talk about:

  1. the biggest challenge that both plant-based and vegan organizations face, and Ronnie’s proposal to overcome that challenge. 
  2. how you can help accelerate the growth of the plant-based movement, even if traditional activism isn't your thing. 
  3. And this episode is chock full of helpful tools and resources on making your change to plant-based affordable, sustainable, and of course healthy, no matter if you’re just getting started or you’ve been on the path to eating plant-based for a while.

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